SOROTI: Soroti district and Soroti City has on 3rd May 2023 commemorated its belated World Malaria Day with a high Malaria prevalence currently at 73%.
The joint commemoration was held at Soroti sports ground under the theme: “going back on track, a collective responsibility”.

Dr. Stephen Charles Okadhi, the district health officer Soroti district confirmed that Malaria surge is still a challenge in most communities.

According to Dr. Okadhi, the district also registered 70.9% cases of malaria in 2020/2021 and 81% in 2021/2022 financial years respectively.

He adds that over 47% of the admissions at the district health facilities are due to Malaria where in 2021/2022 was 44.9%, 51.8% in 2021/2022 and 46.2% 2022/2023 in the financial year respectively.

Emmanuel Ekodeu, the Malaria Focal point person Soroti district confirmed that the children bellow 5 years and pregnant women only contribute 70% of the Malaria cases because their body immunity is weak.

Ekodeu attributed the malaria increase to negative cultural beliefs where some people assume that sleeping under the mosquito net is like practicing lying in the grave, leaving the doors and Windows open up to late evening hence allowing mosquitoes to enter among other factors.

He advises the population to adopt Malaria control measures like planting repellant crops like lantana camera, rose flowers, lemon grass, Neem trees, sleep under mosquito nets, clear bushes and destroying bottles among others to reduce Malaria cases.

Ruth Nabwire, the Coordinator Integrated Community Case Management National Malaria control program at ministry of health revealed that the Government is planning to introduce Malaria vaccine targeting the children bellow 5 years old expecting that it will be done next year.

“Nationally,14 people die out of Malaria and 20 out of 100% Women admitted and tested at the health facilities, their results turn to be positive”, Nabwire added

Rotarian Herbert Lubega, the Director service project Rotary club International of Muyenga says that the Rotary Club supports Malaria eradication by engaging World Vision Uganda since they do similar service programs.

“We decided to come as Rotary Club of Muyenga to see how we can reach that affected person through empowering them on how to fight Malaria themselves”, Lubega added.

Joseph Ecidu, the program manager World vision Teso Region, one of the organizations in district doing tremendous efforts in the fight against Malaria expresses dismay ranks Teso Sub Region as one of the Regions with high Malaria prevalence in addition to Acholi, West Nile, Karamoja according to the data for the period between October and December 2022 with appositive rate of 67% by then.

He pledged to support the village Health team workers to ensure that to test people children, conduct treatment reduce the high Malaria prevalence in the district to at least 50% by 2025.
Ecidu also advocated for the joint partnership and stakeholders to fight against Malaria prevalence

The Iteso cultural paramount chief, his highness Paul Sande Emolot who presided as the chief guest asked the communities of Teso to follow the control measures of Malaria from the health workers.
He asked the local leadership to enhance more financing on purchase of mosquito nets as an intervention against Malaria.

Thursday, May 18, 2023