The mandate of the statutory bodies is derived from the existing legislations.

The department Prepares and approves comprehensive integrated Development plans (LGA CAP 243 Section 35), monitors the implementation of the Development Plans and Budgets.

The District Council is the highest political authority in the district. It has 18 members headed by a District Local Council Chairperson.


"Having a well technically guided and effective council and statutory boards in spearheading policy formulation and implementation decisions reached that are capable of promoting socio-economic development in the district”

Mission: "

To have in place competent council and statutory boards that is well coordinated for timely and effective service delivery in the district”

The District has statutory bodies put in place with the approval of the District Council. These include:

1. District Service Commission (DSC)

2. District Public Accounts Committee (DPAC)

3. District Land Board (DLB)

4. District Contracts Committee (DCC)

5. Clerk to Council.

The DSC is responsible for recruiting, promoting, disciplining and laying off public servants serving the District in all the sectors.

The DPAC is responsible for advising the District Council on all public resources accountability issues with the intended goal of ensuring value for money and effectiveness of interventions by the District Council.

The DLB is put in place by the District Council to accomplish responsibilities spelt out in the Land Act.

The DLB is entrusted with all land formerly administered under the Colonial government and subsequently under the Uganda Land Commission.

The DLB approves all applications over public land and subsequently grants leasehold or Freehold rights over the same upon the recommendation of Area Land Committees and the District Physical Planning Committee.

It also conducts Periodic review and evaluation of annual plans, Budgets and identifies Council priorities in relation to the existing Government policies and regulations as per the National commitment.

There key outputs include but not limited to the following: Local Government Council Administration services, LG procurement management services, LG staff recruitment services, LG Land management services, LG Financial Accountability and LG Political and executive oversight.

Statutory bodies department is coordinated by Clerk to Council.