Hon Councilors' Induction seminar

Chairperson and CAO in attendence of the Hon Councilors' Induction.

The facilitator is Mr OKEBE Joshua Onya, a renowned experts and Consultant in Governance. Some of the topics being impacted such as;

1. The purpose of the Induction.

2. Mindset and Attitude Change for transformative Leadership.

3. The purpose of Council in a local government.

4.The setup of a Council Hall in a Multiparty System.

5. Roles and Responsibilities of a LG.

6. The structure of the Law in Uganda.

7. Overview of Decentralisation and the LGA CAP 243.

8. Negotiating a Leadership Mandate in Soroti LG.

9. The Due Process in LG.

10. How a Councillor prepares for a Council Meeting.

11. Motions, Questions and Petition in Council.

12. Overview of the Standard Rules of Procedure for LGs, and

13. Local Economic Development in LG.




Friday, September 17, 2021