Deputy IG commends PDM implementation in Soroti District

By Abraham Ekwaru Communication Officer



The Deputy Inspectorate of Government, Ms. Achan Patrica Okira has commended Soroti district local government for the effective implementation of the Parish Development Model (PDM).

Ms Achan made these comments during the stakeholders’ feedback meeting held last week in Soroti district headquarters, she said that the Inspectorate of government has monitored the implementation of the PDM to assess its progress and adherence to the policy guidelines.

In the feedback engagement attended by different stakeholders such as the RDC, DISO, Members of Council, Heads of Department and the selected PDM beneficiaries, Ms Achan said “I have moved to across the communities in the district, am happy to report that the district has done a recommendable job, as government we are pleased to report that handling the PDM implementation is very well, we have not encountered much complaints despite the ever-changing policy guidelines of PDM”.

She added that the PDM aimed to enhance socio-economic transformation at the grassroots level by promoting inclusive development and efficient service delivery within local communities. The commendation highlights the district's commitment to improving the livelihoods of its residents through structured and community-focused development initiatives which falls in the category of 39 percent of the subsistence population to be transformed into a money economy.

Ms Achan meanwhile called for more provision of the extension Staff such as the Agric and Veterinary Officers because the community needs their services.

“The Community needs more education and training especially in the projects that PDM beneficiaries have selected, some of them are ignorant and they need to be oriented with what activity to be ventured,” she added. Meanwhile, the Chief Administrative Officer Soroti,

Mr Ocen James Andrew said that the district has been facing challenges of the ever-changing guidelines that different ministries have been issuing that partly affected the initial stages of the PDM implementation. Ocen, however, said the district has been able to follow the guidelines and it is a reason that district has scored highly in the IG report.

Soroti district has 54 SACCO gazette groups and 1,045 registered enterprise groups and each group has benefited fully.

The office of the Inspectorate of Government has been in the region of Teso to carry out the inspection and monitoring of the government projects and also give the feedback on the field findings so as to develop a comprehensive action plan.



Thursday, June 20, 2024